I was ashamed…

Psalm 25:1-7 (NKJV)

1 To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul. 2 O my God, I trust in You; Let me not be ashamed; Let not my enemies triumph over me. 3 Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed; Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause. 4 Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths. 5 Let me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day. 6 Remember, O Lord, Your tender mercies and Your loving kindness, For they are from of old. 7 Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; According to Your mercy remember me, for Your goodness’ sake, O Lord; Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.


When I made the decision to begin a relationship with God, I did not tell many people. I wanted them to continue to like me. I thought that if they knew that I was serious about being a Christian, that they would think that I was better than them. I know it sounds crazy now but that was just how I felt. I was so worried about losing friends and maybe even some family members, that I kept my Christianity a secret.


It was like I was living a double life. I had a mental list of things that I could and could not say and do around certain people. I did not want to offend anyone or make them uncomfortable. I do not know what it was, but I was afraid to let everyone see the true me. I was having a hard time finding peace with the situation.

One day I asked, “What does God expect from me?” I was lead to read Deuteronomy 10:12-13. In these verses Moses gives a summary that is simple in form and easy to remember: (1) Fear God (have reverence for Him). (2) Walk in all His ways. (3) Love Him. (4) Serve Him with all your heart and soul. (5) Keep His commandments. If I could get myself to concentrate on His real requirements; to respect, follow, love, serve, and obey Him; then I would find peace.

I also struggled with the fear of people finding out that I was a Christian, and them making fun of me. I desperately wanted to be bold enough to not care what others thought. Then I was reminded that in Isaiah 51:7, Isaiah encouraged those who served God to discern right from wrong and to follow God’s laws. He also gave them hope when they faced people’s ridicules or insults because of their faith.

We do not need to fear when people tease us for our faith because God is with us and truth will prevail. If people make fun of you or dislike you because you believe in God, remember that they are not against you personally, but against God. He will deal with them; you should concentrate on loving and obeying Him.

When we are ashamed of being a Christian, we are opposing God’s way of living. We may live a basically good life and yet miss doing what is most important. A lifetime of doing well is not enough if we make the crucial mistake of not following God with all our heart. A true follower of God puts Him first in all areas of life. Wholehearted reverence means appreciating God and honoring Him in all areas of life. We need to show our loyalty to Him in every part of our life, not just going to church. If we reverence God with our whole heart, then our work, relationships, use of money, and desires will be in keeping with His will.

When you are tempted to be ashamed, remember what the Good News is all about. If you focus on God and what He is doing in the world rather than your own inadequacy, your embarrassment will soon disappear!

Love Always,










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