Comparison is the Thief of Joy


We live in a world that makes it nearly impossible not to compare ourselves with others. Sometimes we even compare our life as a Christian to others. However, we must fight this urge and recognize two essential facts.

First, receiving forgiveness for our sin and asking Christ to come into our life is like a seed being planted in our heart. Any seed planted must first take root before it grows and blossoms.

Do you remember in school when you planted a seed in a clear plastic cup? If the seed was planted close enough to the edge, you would see the roots would grow downward first; then a few days later a plant would appear above the dirt!


The only difference between you and the other Christians that you compare yourself with, is that they have had more time to spread their roots down deep. They have been “rooted” and built up in Him and established in faith for a longer period of time.

When we took the first step of faith to trust Christ with our life that was like the seed being planted. From this point it is up to you and God to nourish the seed and let the roots grow deep.

Your faith is nourished by rooting your new relationship with Christ. This means getting to know God better through reading and obeying His Word in the Bible. As with any relationship, time together helps you to appreciate God’s character and will lead to a greater love for Him.

Second, God doesn’t compare one Christian to another. So you shouldn’t either! As Christians, we never get to a point where we have arrived and are totally mature. Our love and appreciation for God can always grow deeper as He shows us new areas in our life to trust Him with.

When you do your very best, you feel good about the results, and there is no need to compare yourself with others. People make comparisons for many reasons. Some point out others’ flaws in order to feel better about themselves. Others simply want reassurance that they are doing well. When you are tempted to compare, look at Jesus Christ. His example will inspire you to do our very best, and His loving acceptance will comfort you when you fall short of your goals.

Enjoy all of the stages of our faith by taking in all of the spiritual nourishment you can handle. Remember that the stronger and deeper your roots grow below the surface, the more beautiful and fruitful you will be as a Christian.


Love Always,



2 thoughts on “Comparison is the Thief of Joy

  1. Wow,great word of encouragement. I just happened upon this today. Continue Ashley ,as you are led,to enlighten and encourage God’s people along with yourself with the Word of God. Love U Gma Fay


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